(WXIN) — The pumpkin spice craze has reached shimmering new heights thanks to a new engagement ring that may be the perfect way to pop the question for those who love all things fall.

Angelic Diamonds has created what’s being called the world’s first Pumpkin Spice Latte Ring.

Priced at $11,300, it may very well be the world’s most expensive pumpkin spice latte merch.

The ring features a “whipped cream-shaped” center diamond surrounded by white diamonds and orange sapphires encased in a cup-shaped claw, meant to mimic a warm cup of pumpkin spice goodness.

There are also white diamonds, orange sapphires and emerald shoulder stones decorating each side of the gold rose band.

Another feature that may only be evident to the wearer (unless they want to share), is a secret message engraved on the inside of the band: “Pumpkin spiced.”

Even the packaging has a pumpkin spice twist. The ring box comes with a cardboard coffee cup wrap, a pumpkin closure latch and smells like pumpkin spice when opened.