Union County deputies say they’ve arrested a man and charged him with harassment after a fire was discovered at a home early Wednesday morning.

Deputies say they were called to a home on Countryside Drive in Pacolet around 3 am Wednesday.

They say a man who lived there woke up and smelled something burning, went outside and saw a fire on the side of his home.

He told deputies he didn’t have anything that would have started the fire and told them it must have been set, so the man fired his gun into the air and noticed someone running away from his home and into the woods.

Deputies say a K9 unit tracked down the person and found a mattress lying on the ground and someone in a sleeping bag.

The man was identified by deputies as 38 year old Walter Anthony Gregory.

Deputies report Gregory admitted to walking through the woods to take pictures of his neighbor shooting and was evasive with questions.

Gregory also told them that he was smoking at the time and may have started the fire.

Gregory was arrested by deputies for second degree harassment in another case.

Investigators say a woman who lives at a nearby house where the fire happened is the ex-girlfriend of Gregory and told deputies Gregory came into her home around 2:30 am Wednesday and started taking off his clothes.

The woman told Gregory to leave and he did.

She told investigators she thought Gregory had left and didn’t know he was on the mattress outside her door.

Gregory is in the Union County Jail facing the harassment charge.

The jail says more warrants could be signed and more charges could be forthcoming.