DSS is currently investigating drug test results that were possibly falsified through Accurate Diagnostics at the Laurens County branch.

Between January 3rd and October 20th of 2015, DSS says the drug test reports are all questionable that came from the Laurens County Accurate Diagnostics location.

Accurate Diagnostics has a contract to take in urine and hair samples to be tested for DSS cases state wide. The hair samples are sent off to varying companies including Omega Laboratories in Ohio.

During the time period in question, drug test results from hair samples were being forwarded to DSS with Omega’s logo on them with positive drug results.

A public defender in Laurens County questioned the authenticity of the reports on Sandy James’ case.

James contacted DSS in 2015 after she says her son reported to her that he was victim of a crime. At this time we haven’t been told why, but DSS showed up to her home and pulled hair samples of her children. Those reports showed the children had meth in their system.  James was charged with two counts of unlawful neglect of a child and given a $60,000 bond in July of 2015. James sat in jail for almost 3 months.

A public defender in Laurens County contacted Omega Labs with the specimen numbers for James’ children listed on those reports, he says they emailed back saying those numbers were never tested in their lab.

James’ charges were dropped and she is now suing Accurate Diagnostics.

SLED is investigating the issue.

DSS released the following statement:

In October 2015, DSS was notified that law enforcement was conducting an investigation of Accurate Diagnostics in Laurens County. The Department immediately stopped using Accurate Diagnostics in Laurens County for any services and has been continually cooperating with law enforcement in its ongoing investigation. DSS reviewed all cases potentially impacted by fraudulent test results provided to the Department by Accurate Diagnostics in Laurens County and has coordinated with the local judiciary to remediate any case impacted by the alleged fraudulent test results.

Lawyers involved in the case say right now they have possibly 30 families with at least 40 lab tests in question.

These cases will be reviewed by DSS this month to see if any of them are eligible to be reversed.

Here’s a copy of the lawsuit: Accurate Diagnostics Lawsuit

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