Allen Bickart represented Todd Kohlhepp in 1987, when Kohlhepp was facing a kidnapping and rape charge.

Kohlhepp also admitted to that crime. He was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison, being released in 2001. Kohlhepp then moved to Spartanburg County and registered as a sex offender.

There were several psych evaluations on Kohlhepp. “We knew he was screwed up…we knew he had a lot of problems,” said Bickart.

“it was very emotional experience for me, I’d never known anyone to be that calm about it,” said Bickart.

When Bickart was asked if there were any indications that he would kill anyone, he said, “I was concerned about his relationship with females, the fact that he would go out and kill other people was not on the agenda.”

Bickart said there was no notion Kohlhepp would be a serial killer.