A veteran from Greer who served in the Korean War has quite a survival story, but we’re not just referring to his service.

His air conditioning unit has been dead for two years, and a local company stepped in to help.

It’s been more than six decades since Korean War veteran Frank Tooley in Greer has seen combat.

“The enemy, they done circle us. We didn’t know it. We was the first three captured,” he told 7News.

But despite war stories that include two years in a POW camp, Tooley said his battle lately to get an honest HVAC repair company has been disheartening.

“Everybody ain’t bad, but there for a while it looked like, everybody, all they want was your money,” said Tooley.

Brian Tedeschi in Greenville had a similar problem, but a different way of putting it.

“First three guys we chased out of the house with a baseball bat,” Tedeschi said. 

But he said there was one contractor who stood out for his honesty: Anthony Moore.  

The only problem, Moore wasn’t his own boss and couldn’t offer the units he thought were fairly priced.

So Tedeschi bought him a truck and Moore launched Absolute Climate Control.   

Six months later, business is so hot Moore’s been itching to pay it forward.

“They sacrificed a lot, and I feel the need to be that person that gives back to them,” Moore said.

Friday, Tooley received a new AC unit at no cost.

“I appreciate what they doing,” Tooley said. 

The tremendous gift comes just weeks before a birthday he happens to share with America.

“I’ll be 88 July the fourth. That’s what less than a month? Got a bunch,” Tooley said.

Tooley said ever since the war, he’s had trouble sleeping. But this is one night he’s likely to sleep soundly.

Moore said as part of the Absolute Climate Control business plan, they hope to help out more people who have served our country, not just in war but also first responders at home.