Laurens County, SC (WSPA) – A show of unity with protests over George Floyd’s death brought dozens of people out in Laurens County Monday afternoon.

“Before you see me as a black woman you have to see me as a women. You have to see me as a human,” Tanasha Amaker said.

Powerful words from one Pickens county mom, who came to Monday’s rally at the Laurens County Courthouse. The event served as a call for justice after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It also served as a teachable moment for this mom and her daughter.

“I decided to bring her so she could be proud of who she is, like everybody else is proud of their heritage,” Amaker said.

Dozens gathered under the watchful eye of law enforcement, who came to protect rally goers. People from every ethnic group, holding signs of solidarity with messages of unity.

“We want her treated like a queen,” Reverend David Kennedy said as he spoke about a little girl in the crowd.

Reverend Kennedy led the rally with an inspirational speech filled with a message of change.

“So, we are saying change the rules, and make the rules so simple, that when you put your knee on somebodies black neck or anybody else’s neck, you need to be locked up, you need to serve time.”
Reverend Kennedy said.

That statement making reference to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“I think the thing that unifies us is that we’re all very disturbed about what happened in Minnesota and, more broadly, I think there is a recognition that we have room to grow,” Mayor Nathan Senn said.

Like at recent protests across the country, the speaker at this event highlighted the need for continued growth.

“With the human race it’s always been a work in progress to know how to treat each other,” Sheriff Don Reynolds said.

“We are here for George Floyd, we’re here for Breonna Taylor, we’re here for Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and the list keeps going on and on and it will continue, until we do something about it,” Amaker said.

Representatives from the NAACP were in attendance and they’re planning to hold an additional rally in the next few weeks.