GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County leaders are calling for the end of gun violence as deputies continue their search for the people they believe opened fire at a packed Greenville County park Wednesday evening.

Deputies said the shooting happened on the Sterling Athletic Field. That’s where two teenagers were shot while doing something that was supposed to be fun.

“It was a senior skip day for them and at some point, gun shots rang out from several different locations inside the park,” said Greenville County Sheriff, Hobart Lewis.

Deputies are still putting the pieces together of what all happened there. It marks just one out of a handful of shootings on South Carolina grounds over the last week alone.

Community Activist, Traci Fant, “Recently every headline is a shooting”.

Fant said she’s tired of hearing about this violence happening so frequently. Especially during a time of life, that’s supposed to be enjoyed.

“We’ve all went to senior skip days, we’ve all experienced that and that’s supposed to be a time in your life when things are going great,” said Fant.

She told us, it’s weighing heavy on this community and she wants that to change.

So does Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis.

“When you talk about gun violence, it’s a huge issue nationwide and certainly one here,” Sheriff Lewis said during a press conference Wednesday.

Lewis told 7NEWS, that what makes tackling this problem difficult, are people getting access to guns illegally.

“I don’t think it’s that they’re so easy to get, you can’t just walk into a store and buy one if you’re under age but you can buy one out here on the street. It’s very easy, whether they’re traded for drugs, someone sells it with no paperwork,” Sheriff Lewis explained.

Fant believes more youth mentoring would help, but the answer to improving this violence sits in the hands of the community as a whole.

“As a community, I feel we will get through this but we have to get back to being the village and creating a safer environment, just working together. That’s different families, different organizations, to try and come to some type of solution,” Fant said.

No update right now on the condition of those teens who were shot or the possible suspects.

Sheriff Lewis is asking anyone whose child was at the park Wednesday evening and saw anything to call his office at (864) 271-5210.