ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- A high school coach at Crescent High School was laid to rest Thursday.

Coach David Richardson died unexpectedly last week.

There were lots of tears and emotion Thursday.

“Those shining eyes, and I remember that one last hug that’ll never pass, and I say, I love you brother,” one Crescent High School employee said.

Hundreds in the Anderson County community celebrated his life.

“You were more than my dad, you were my best friend, you never criticized me, judged me, humbled me, even though I need humbling and listened to me,” his son Derien Richardson said in a speech.

The stands were packed, people wearing black and gold to honor Richardson’s long career at Crescent High School.

Teacher Sandy Thrasher said, “I’ve known him for over 30 years and I’ve never heard him be ugly or talk bad about anybody behind their back. What you saw, the way he was to your face was the way he was, and he was a really good guy.”

He was a graduate of Crescent, who never really left.

He stayed for 30 years, serving the school as a coach, a teacher, a school bus driver and sometimes even a handyman.

“True tiger, David knew where he came from and he was proud of where he came from,” Athletic Director Jeff Kraft said.

At his funeral, the hearse was driven around the track, the track that the school said he helped build.

One teacher he worked with said she’s not surprised by the outpouring of love.

Thrasher said, “It just really speaks for our district and for David, just how much he’s done over the years. He’s touched like every aspect of crescent. He’s helped somebody in some way, any time they needed it.”

Another way the school honored the life of Richardson was officially retiring the track he coached on and the new track, which he advocated for for years will officially be opened.

Also, the school bus that Richardson drove, was driven as part of the procession today.

Anderson School District 3 had early dismissal so students and staff could attend.