PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – If you’re a resident in Pickens County you’ve probably noticed an increase in trash lining the roadways.

Pickens County leaders said they’ve received concerns from residents about the amount of debris on roadways.

The county took to Facebook pleading with residents to do their part to help to keep the roads litter-free.

The county said they relied heavily on the inmate litter program before the pandemic but due to COVID-19 the sheriff’s office is no longer able to provide inmate labor for the county.

Thats why leaders are asking the community to help by making sure their garbage is secured before placing it outside and to pick up trash when they see it along the roadways.

“I think everybody going through the pandemic is just itching to do something good. This may be something simple that somebody can do by themselves or somebody else with them and just get out and make it work,” Sheriff Rick Clark, said.

Sheriff Clark said the inmate program has been suspended since last year.

Clark hopes to have the program back running in the spring or summer of this year.