GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – As the pandemic continues, local blood donation centers are seeing a decrease in the amount of people donating convalescent plasma.

Heather Moulder, director of marketing and public relations at The Blood Connection said they’re seeing an average of 25 donors per day coming in to donate convalescent plasma but the demand from hospitals is much higher.

On a normal day, the donation center needs 700 donations to keep the supply from diminishing. Donors can get plasma draw once every 14 days.

“What the machine does is it collects the convalescent plasma then it safely returns all of the red cells back to the donor,” Moulder said.

Convalescent plasma is now being used to treat COVID-19 patients in local hospitals. COVID-19 survivors have antibodies in their plasma that if injected into patients suffering with COVID-19 it can boost their immune system to help fight off the virus.

“One person that we know who was a recipient of convalescent plasma said that to her it was like a miracle worker. One day she was fighting for her life and having trouble eating, breathing, couldn’t taste or smell. The next day after her convalescent plasma therapy she was able to do all of that,” Moulder said.

According to The Blood Connection, they provide convalescent plasma donations to hospitals in the Upstate but the supply needs to be replenished.

In order to increase donations, The Blood Connection is launching their “Turn positive into a positive” initiative to motivate the community to donate plasma which will feature a series of events in partnership with local public figures and athletes.

Additional information about these events will be announced within the coming weeks.

For more information on convalescent plasma, and how to donate click here.