SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – On Tuesday the Converse Fire Department was given what they call a life-saving donation.

After receiving $2,500 from BASF Converse, the fire department was able to purchase 6 bulletproof vests, along with emergency medical kits containing tourniquets and bandages.

“These were some of the things that they talked about that they needed, so that went up to the top of our list,” BASF Converse Site Manager Jerome Kirkland said. 

The fire department covers four schools in Spartanburg County School District 3 and said conducting their active shooter training recently was an eye-opener. It was after realizing they were not properly equipped for that type of situation when they brought it to BASF’S attention, who then took action.

In the event of emergency situations, the fire chief said the bulletproof vests would be serving as a lifesaver.

“It’s knowing that we are equipped to act upon when we are needed to,” Converse Fire’s Assistant Chief Chris Weathersbee said. “Whether it’s fire, active shooter, medical, whatever…that we are prepared to treat.”

With enough vests for half the fire department, Weathersbee said they feel the community is in a safer position than it ever has been before.

BASF and the Converse Fire Department are located next to each other and they say being neighbors is what formed their partnership.