SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- A big celebration took place in Spartanburg on Sunday, the mark of Duncan Park turning 100 years old. The city hosted a variety of events for the community to come out and enjoy what the park has to offer.

“The beauty of Duncan Park is that it allows you to be as active or as whatever you like when you come to the park,” Kim Moultrie, Director of Parks, Recreation and Special Events for the City of Spartanburg said.

Duncan Park holds a century of memories, especially for the ones who have been enjoying everything Duncan Park has to offer since their childhoods while growing up.

“Duncan Park touches on so many neighborhoods I think it would be safe to say that just looking at people in Spartanburg area everyone has some memory,” Moultrie said. “I know as a young child I would come here to fish often just to walk the trails to watch baseball games.”

The city hopes that memories will continue to be made here, “another hundred years of super memories for Duncan Park.”

“We want the day to reflect just that. So, whether you are in the amphitheater listening to jazz on your blankets or on your chairs, we have food trucks, and we also have some active activities right behind me there is a baseball clinic going on for youth.” Moultrie added. “Just a chance to celebrate what the park has to offer to celebrate the rich history of the park.”

“Looking at the new plan and how that’s phased in,” Moultrie said. “Right now there has been some removal of invasive species, there has been some asphalting of trails and there has also been some funding allotted to go along with private donations to help renovate the Little League baseball field.”

There is no set timeline for when the renovations will be completed but the city says they plan to host another big celebration once they are done.