GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Street resurfacing in West Greenville is underway. City leaders said they’re expecting the project’s total to cost around $14 million.

The 17 miles included in the project are being funded through the Neighborhood Infrastructure Bond and monies matched through a state C-Fund, that supports local roads.

“We use technology to measure what’s left in the roads’ surface and how close they are to the end of their useful life and that’s what sets the priority of the paving plan,” Dorothy Dowe, Greenville City Council Member at Large said.

City engineers said the streets will be repaved through a method called the Hot-in-Place Recycling process. The process recycles the upper layer of the asphalt and incorporates it into the new paving. 

“We are not milling it up and taking it back to an asphalt plant & recycling it and bringing it back to the job,” Bob Hall, southeast regional manager of Cutler Repaving said. “We are recycling it here and using that material. That is a value to the city because they basically own the material out there on the road.”

City leaders believe this process will be both cost-effective and sustainable.

“We are always looking for new technologies that can help in the paving process,” Dowe said. “Paving can be prolonged and expensive, and the point is to get the best surface we can get with the most longevity.”

Residents to on the streets impacted said they’re excited for the work being done and have little to no concern.

“It definitely needs it,” Greenville resident Lori White said. “We have a lot of houses here being renovated and so a lot of the construction traffic has kind of torn it up, so we are really looking forward to it.”

“We were actually quite surprised,” Greenville resident Gene White said. “We didn’t know the project was funded and it was good news to hear.” 

City engineers said they expect the process of the streets already listed to take about two years to complete.

Drivers are reminded to pay attention when driving through construction zones, for both the safety of you and the workers. For more information on the streets impacted –