FOREST CITY, N.C. (WSPA) – Two children were killed in a house fire Friday morning in Rutherford County.

According to the Forest City Fire Department, the fire happened at a house in the 100 block of Bostic Sunshine Highway in Bostic shortly before 10 a.m.

The children, ages two and three, have not been identified. The Rutherford County Fire Marshal said upon arrival, the children were found alone in the house in a back bedroom, and the fire started in the living room, according to the fire marshal.

“We was looking out the window and there was just smoke everywhere,” said Dorothy Miller, a neighbor.

Some neighbors said what they saw that morning sticks with them.

“They come running out with a baby in their hands, throw it on the ground and start doing CPR and chest compressions, then they come out with another baby, throw them on the ground with chest compressions, CPR, and then later on I ask them how the babies doing, and they say the babies died,” said Ronald Malton, a neighbor. 

For neighbors like Ronald Malton, it was a typical Friday morning until he saw the fire trucks drive by and heard a knock at his door. 

“I got a knock on the door and they said the house is on fire next door and I said is it and he said yes sir,” said Malton.

Amber Suttle said she’s been friends with the family who lived in the home for as long as she can remember. She said this has changed all of their lives.

“I receive the most heartbreaking call I’ve ever received in my life and she says the babies..the babies are gone and I couldn’t even put into words what happened I was in shock,” said Amber Suttle, family friend.

She said while they are devastated, they are remembering the children for who they were.

“Just the lovingest kids you could ever meet, they had the biggest hearts, the cutest smiles,” said Suttle. “They were just the best kids. We’re heartbroken at this point, we don’t know what to do, we’re numb to the world. These kids were so young and had their whole life ahead of them.”

Family said a balloon release will be held at the home on Tuesday.

The fire is under investigation by the Bostic Fire Department.