SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Three car washes are expected to be built within one mile of each other on the east side of Spartanburg.

According to the City of Spartanburg Planning Commissioner Santiago Mariani, the first new car wash will be built in front of Home Depot along East Main Street.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash will be built across the street on the corner of the former Star Lanes lot.

The third one will be built beside Sonic along East Main Street, according to the City of Spartanburg Planning Commission.

An existing car wash, Whistle Express Car Wash in front of Walmart, sits in between the three new car washes.

A couple of miles down the road from that car wash sits ModWash on the corner of Garner Road and Pine Street. It opened this week.

Many people wonder why so many car washes are built so close together, Mariani said, “It conforms to zoning and code, and after that, the market will dictate if market saturation hasn’t already been reached.”

There are plans to add two additional car washes to Spartanburg.

The first one is Shine Near Pine Street located at 1425 Union Street. The second car wash is Take 5 Car Wash located at the corner of Southport and Cedar Springs.

There are no dates for when the car washes will begin construction.