GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Three students were charged following a fight at Berea High School Tuesday.

According to Greenville County Schools, a Berea High School student was assaulted in the cafeteria while waiting for an afternoon bus. 

The School Resource Officer broke up the fight and an administrator put himself between the attacker and the victim multiple times, officials said.

While the conflict was being resolved, the brother of the student who initiated the assault intervened inappropriately and was told to leave.

While the attacker was being taken from the cafeteria to the office, the brother intervened again and both students became combative and had to be restrained for the safety of the employees and students.

A thorough review of the school’s security video by the district administration and local law enforcement agreed that the actions were within policy and did not involve a chokehold,  Greenville County School officials said. Additionally there is no evidence of the SRO or an administrator restraining the students with a knee. 

The students have been charged by law enforcement and face discipline in accord with Board Policy.

School officials said no students were suspended or otherwise disciplined for recording or posting videos of the incident on social media. 

Three students, in addition to the two who were restrained, are being disciplined and/or charged by law enforcement for physically interfering with the altercation, according to Greenville County Schools.

Berea High School students were allowed to participate in a peaceful protest Thursday morning.