SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – It’s a personal matter that needs help from the public, we’re talking about feminine hygiene products, a necessity that not every woman can afford. However, one Upstate organization is helping to provide them to teens.

It’s not your typical party, the folks gathered at Cleveland Park Event Center on Sunday came to make a difference.

“One and four girls miss school time because they don’t have the products they need and that’s just not acceptable in Spartanburg,” Kerry Easler, Spartanburg Period Project Chapter President, said.

“These products are still taxed so a lot of families have to make a decision on where they are going to spend their money and so these are sometimes the products that don’t get purchased.”

So, the Spartanburg Period Project is throwing a “period packing party” just in time for school.

“We’re having our fifth annual back-to-school bash; we make over three-thousand packs of period product packs for students throughout Spartanburg County,” Easler added. “We have ten pads, three liners, and also inside is an educational card where the young ladies can track their period.”

In order to make sure that girls don’t miss out on their education.

“It helps level the playing field it helps the girls not only stay in class but also to stay in sports that’s one of those things that a lot of girls say that they stop playing sports in high school because everything becomes a little awkward and we want to help it be less awkward.”

And for the ones doing the packing, like volunteer Lise Orth, it’s a way to give back.

“What I am doing is going to directly affect in a positive way some young women so a lot of volunteer work you might not see the result right away but with something like this you know that you are making a difference.”

The packs made will be distributed to over 60 schools in Spartanburg County.

If you missed Sunday’s event there will be more period packing parties in the coming months, details will be posted here.