SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – OneSpartanburg has introduced its Vision Plan 2.0 for Spartanburg County. In the next five years, it hopes to reach six goals, including 15 initiatives, which it said will make the county a great place for current and future residents.

“As an affordable advantage to larger cities, like Charlotte and Atlanta, Spartanburg really represents that affordable option where you can have a great job and time to enjoy the natural surroundings of Spartanburg,” said OneSpartanburg, Inc.’s Chief Economic Development Officer Katherine O’Neill.

Among those goals is enhancing the city of Spartanburg’s downtown area by creating more housing and making it pedestrian-friendly.

“An attractive downtown Spartanburg is a fundamental asset to the county as we recruit individuals to come to Spartanburg and really increase the vibrancy for our existing residents.”

OneSpartanburg also hopes to recruit and support more small and minority-owned businesses.

“Spartanburg’s small, minority business population has not been growing at the same rate as it has throughout the nation,” explained One Spartanburg, Inc.’s Vice President of Strategic Communications Naomi Sargent. “We believe our small business population should be representative of Spartanburg’s population. We really want to change its trajectory.”

As more jobs are created, OneSpartanburg said transportation will be key. It hopes to create more public transportation options for people commuting to and from work.

“I think its going to be an incredible five-year journey, and Spartanburg is going to be absolutely amazing at the end of the story,” said O’Neill.

OneSpartanburg set a $6.3 fundraising goal for its vision plan. Sargent said they have already raised 54% of that goal.