GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Six additional coaches have been named in an expanded federal lawsuit involving alleged sexual abuse at Rockstar Cheer.

The lawsuit, originally filed September 1, alleges a criminal conspiracy by Rockstar Cheer, Rockstar owners Scott and Kathy Foster, Varsity Spirit, the U.S. All Star Federation, and others to subject teenage athletes to mental, physical, and sexual abuse while collecting billions in profits.

“We have seen evidence of and heard stories of the plaintiff of long standing sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of coaches, gym owners, other athletes,” said Attorney Alexandra Benevento, Strom Law Firm.

The new 76-page filing from Strom Law Firm details alleged abuses involving three additional female plaintiffs.

Five of the six named coaches were employed by Rockstar Cheer, the lawsuit said.

One athlete was sent nude photos and videos by a coach and was forced to perform oral sex on another coach when she was 14-years-old, the lawsuit stated.

The experiences ultimately forced her to quit competitive cheer, according to the lawsuit.

“It’s not just a focus on sexual abuse per say but abuses of all types within the cheer industry,” said Benevento.

The lawsuit stated that another athlete said Scott Foster gave her the drug GHB and brought her to nightclubs.

“Girls, boys, young men and women were abused by the people in power who are supposed to be protecting them,” said Benevento.

Numerous allegations have come to light following the death of Scott Foster.

Foster, 49, was found dead inside a vehicle at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville County on August 22.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office ruled Foster’s death as suicide.

The attorneys in the case said state and federal agencies have opened investigations into Rockstar Cheer. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said it could not confirm if it was investigating the allegations.

“Our next step to focus on the investigation, getting justice, and holding accountability for these young men and women,” said Benevento.

A separate lawsuit was filed Wednesday against Scott Foster, Rockstar Cheer, Varsity Spirit, and others.

That lawsuit was filed on behalf of an alleged victim and her mother and father, who live in Greenville County, attorneys said.