ANDERSON COUNTY, SC (WSPA) — Some residents in the Homeland Park community in Anderson County are concerned about a proposed 258-unit apartment complex, that could come to their neighborhood.

“The project itself was reviewed by the planning commission on April the 13th, and the commission tabled it, so that the developer would have an opportunity to speak with the community,” said Alesia Hunter, Director of Planning, Development, and Building for Anderson County.

“The project is comprised of three story, 258 multi-family units. And this is located on US-29 South Bypass. The project will include a clubhouse, a pavilion, and like a barbeque area there. Splash pads and some tot lot, playgrounds, and some actual walking trails. And it’s on a 17-acre parcel,” Hunter said.

The name for the potential development is, “Shockley Harbor.” Some residents said they are concerned for many reasons.

“It’s affordable housing. And we already have two affordable housing complexes within a mile and a half of this proposed site. They are not as nearly as congested, and they are already problems,” said Alison Phillips, Owner of Leroy Auto Sales.

One man who lives near the lot said affordable housing is needed in his community.

“A lot of people can’t afford to pay their rent. Rent is high,” said Robert Banks, a nearby resident. “It’s an urgent need for affordable housing in the area.”

Phillips said she’s concerned more transients could bring more crime.

“I’ve been here over 11 and a half years. And in that 11 and a half years, I’ve had several cars stolen, multiple car break-in attempts, and, five years ago, this business, the office building was burned to the ground,” Phillips said. “People that live here they have stake at what is going on here, and they want to see their community improve. Not to decline. And our community is going to decline if we have more transients,” Phillips said.

One man said he is also concerned about schools and the infrastructure not being able to handle more families.

“I’m concerned for the impact it is going to have on our school system, our infrastructure as a whole, such as our roads, our fire department, police, EMS,” said Walter Lanier, Founder of Homeland Park Community Watch. “Our school line is backed up, down the road, all the way down South Main Street, past several businesses, who have had some complaints because they can’t get their customers in and out.”

“And no one bothered to ask us if we were all for it. We want development. We want the right kind of development. Don’t throw that kind of problem on us,” Phillips said.

Anderson County confirmed the new development is expected to generate 2,064 new trips per day on the highway in that area.

“We can’t continue to just pile stuff on top of us, when what we currently have is already overburden,” Lanier said.

“I hope that the planning and development commission will listen to the needs of the community, and listen to the proof that we will present at the next meeting. And I hope that they will deny it,” Lanier added.

The developer tells 7 News, there will be a community meeting about the proposal soon. Hunter said the planning commission will review the application for consideration, at its regularly scheduled meeting in May.

Hunter said this proposal does not go to the County Council for review.

Hunter also confirmed that the same developer is proposing a 102 single family home development called “Shockley Bend” and 24 single family homes called “Sterling Place” in the same community.