GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – This Summer, prices at the pump are not stopping many travelers from reaching their destination.

On Wednesday in South Carolina, the average price per gallon of gas was $4.28. That’s compared to $2.81 a year ago.

NationalSouth CarolinaNorth Carolina
Current Average (as of July 6, 2022)$4.78$4.28$4.42
Year Ago Average$3.13$2.81$2.90

AAA said there are many factors for the prices, and the good news is, that the nation is starting to see some relief.

Like many drivers, Brett Prescott finds himself on the road quite a bit.

“I am driving about 30 miles a day, one way. So, it’s about 60 miles a day. It’s not terrible but my vehicle gets around 14 miles to the gallon,” said Prescott.

As the number of motorists continues to increase during the Summer travel season, AAA said the prices at the pump are doing the opposite.

“The good news is we have been on the decline now for the last three weeks in a row and that’s good to see because in the middle of all that, we were in a holiday traffic period,” said Tiffany Wright, AAA-Carolinas.

AAA said there are many factors that are relieving some of the pressures at the pump.

“It all depends on what kind of fees, what costs each gas station has to deal with. What I mean by that is the distribution fees, refinery fees, and even marketing fees,” said Wright.

According to AAA, one of the main driving factors is due to a dip in crude oil prices.

“The price of crude oil has plummeted it took a bit plummet on Tuesday. It’s now under $100 a barrel. We haven’t see those prices since April 25th of this year,” said Wright.

Prescott told 7NEWS on Wednesday, the decrease in prices at the pump have been a relief in some respects and just hopes it lasts.

“Its been good to see it start to come down I think the economy has suffered a little but from it but also the people have taken it well and in stride,” he said.

While the temporary decrease is saving people some money at the pump, AAA said they are unsure what the future holds.

“It’s hard to tell just how long these cheaper prices and how much further it will decline,” said Wright. “I think demand will have a big role in that, but the biggest factor will be the crude oil market.” 

Across the Upstate, prices per gallon of gas fluctuated. Some locations have prices under four dollars, while others are in the mid to low four dollar range.