GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Macaroni and Cheese have finally found their fur-ever home.

In early May, two yellow labs were dumped from a truck. While driving away, the truck reportedly ran over one of them with no attempt to stop.

Animal control services were notified of the incident and officers found the dogs and brought one of the dogs to the county animal shelter and the other, who had been hit by the truck, to a local veterinarian.

“We named them Macaroni (boy) and Cheese (girl) because they go together perfectly. Macaroni stayed by Cheese’s side after being dumped and never once left her alone,” wrote the Greenville Humane Society.

Cheese’s leg was broken and both dogs tested positive for heartworms.

  • A pair of dogs left abandoned on the side of the road are on the road to recovery, but have found their forever home.

After surgery and treatments, Macaroni and Cheese were available for fostering. A family fostered them but ultimately had to return them.

After that return, Cheese developed an infection in her broken leg that ultimately required full amputation.

The humane society said “The moment her troublesome leg was removed, her relief was palpable. She finally relaxed. Her pain subsided. Her smile came back.”

After countless interviews, Macaroni and Cheese were finally adopted. They will be welcomed into their new home with two new siblings: Angus and Molly Esther.

“As they walked out of the Adoption Center (Cheese with one less leg), the smiles on their faces and the wagging of their tails told us everything,” the humane society said.

They have been promised a spot on the bed at nighttime and a spot in their new family’s hearts.