GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A pair of dogs left abandoned on the side of the road are on the road to recovery, but still need a place to live while they await adoption.

The Greenville Humane Society took in a pair of yellow labs who they dubbed Macaroni and Cheese. The dogs had been dumped from a truck on the side of the road. Both dogs were later diagnosed with heartworm disease and one of had a broken leg from being run over by the truck which dumped them.

“We named them Macaroni (boy) and Cheese (girl) because they go together perfectly. Macaroni stayed by Cheese’s side after being dumped and never once left her alone,” wrote the humane society at the time.

The dogs were taken in by animal control and then given over to the humane society for care.

Three weeks later, the humane society took to social media with some good news about the dogs.

“Cheese is recovering well from her leg surgery and both have received their first heartworm treatment. Now, they just need a comfortable place to stay until their next check up,” the humane society said.

Anyone interested in fostering the pair – or any other animals under the care of the Greenville Humane Society – can sign up by emailing or calling (864) 242-3626.