ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says with the advanced technology they have, they’re able to use a cyber tip and social media to find suspects exploiting children.

An investigator with the ACSO, Adelle Davis, says the number of child sex abuse material cases reported, has been overwhelming.

“Within the state of South Carolina, our Attorney General’s office received over 5,000 tips just last year,” Davis said.

The ACSO’s most recent arrest for online child sex abuse material was 25-year-old Brandon Manley.

Brandon T. Manley

Deputies arrested Manley on June 24 and charged him for two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor in the second degree, a felony offense punishable up to 10 years imprisonment: and 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor in the third degree, a felony offense punishable up to 10 years imprisonment on each count.

Davis says, “It starts off from electronic service providers and internet service providers so things like social media platforms that will flag certain images or videos that come across their platforms.”

Investigators say they can use pictures of an exploited child to match their identity to a file a suspect may have of them on their phone or computer.

“Using that, we just kind of narrow in and identify who we’re possibly looking into,” Davis said.

However, the sheriff’s office wants to keep it from getting to that point.

“As parents and guardians, our job is to help keep our children safe online and in person, so utilizing different programs to help monitor our children’s cell phones, as well as us as parents and guardians to actually go through our children’s cellphones and computers and make sure we’re doing what we can to keep our kids safe,” Davis said.

The sheriff’s office says Manley’s case is an ongoing investigation. The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security are also assisting.

If you want to report a tip on a child you may think is being exploited, ACSO says to call your local sheriff’s office or online at