GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Multiple online outages are causing big problems for some big companies, and it’s all being traced back to Amazon Web Services.

If you’re waiting on a package from Amazon, it could be delayed or not arrive at all.

Amazon first reported an outage early December and since then, two more have happened, hurting hundreds of third party and online companies that use their web services.

President of e-commerce shop, Desert Cactus, Joe Stefani says these outages leave them stuck.

“Two of the three times it’s paralyzed our business. I mean it really messes up our order flow,” Stephani said. “The issue yesterday was like a handful of hours where we couldn’t do anything at all. We were just kind of waiting around for the system to come back online.”

Every time it happens Stefani says he loses money.

“We have to pay overtime to employees that have to come in extra early or stay extra late the next day or even that night, so it really messed things up,” Stefani said.

He said the timing makes it all worse.

“The real big struggle for us is during this crazy holiday shopping season, one day is literally an eternity. So, if we can’t send stuff in one day or get it in one day later, it could affect how many people can get you know a University of South Carolina sticker sheet, or a flag. It could be the difference of an item being in stock or out of stock on Amazon.”

Stefani says when the outage happens it’s usually for about 4 hours. but he fears if they continue, they could happen for days, which would put the company behind even more.

Amazon says the most recent outage, on Wednesday, was due to a power outage.