ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) — Phor the Artist grew up in Anderson. He was a college athlete, and when he was injured he discovered his passion for art.

“Art influences all,” said Phor the Artist. “It reaches everyone. So do sports. For me, basketball was a way to deal with people and learn to be social.”

This weekend, Phor partnered with the city of Anderson to paint a mural on the basketball court on Southwood Street.

“Most of my best life changes and lessons were on the basketball court,” said Phor.

When it is completed, the mural will show two hands reaching for a rebound.

“For a lot of people in life, a rebound is a new beginning, new start, and new dream.” explained Phor. “Within this design, I have a couple things that will help kids learn how to dream, not be afraid to dream, and reach for every goal.”

Phor received some help from Anderson firefighters, police officers, children from a local church, and his son, all pitching in to paint. He hopes the mural inspires children to play outside and always pursue their goals just like he did

“These things have helped me reach for stars, dreams, and goals in myself,” said Phor.

Phor hopes to finish the mural Sunday. He said anyone is welcome to help him complete it.