ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Anderson County Council has entered into a partnership
with Rebuild Upstate, a nonprofit organization serving Upstate South Carolina, to assist with repairs to qualified owner-occupied housing units in our community.

“This initiative is part of our comprehensive effort to promote neighborhood stabilization,” said Anderson County Council Chair Tommy Dunn.

“Through this program, we will be able to help lower-income homeowners keep their houses safe, secure, and inhabitable,” said Dunn.

“We’ll also be able to prevent the deterioration of the housing stock in areas vulnerable to blight and neglect, which prevents the need for us to go in and tear down dilapidated structures at taxpayer expense.”

The partnership is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development’s HOME program.

Anderson County is a member of the local HOME Consortium and will provide these federal funds to Rebuild Upstate under the auspices of a sub-recipient agreement.

“We see so many times these situations where a homeowner gets a leak in their roof, and the leak gets worse and worse over time because they just don’t have the money to make repairs,” said Rebuild Upstate CEO Jake Beaty.

“We’re looking to fix these things before they become unfixable.”

The program is available only for owner-occupied housing units, and homeowners must meet income qualifications.

An assistance application is available on Rebuild Upstate’s website. Homeowners may also call Rebuild Upstate’s Helpline at (864) 643-5711 or contact by email at