ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – What some call a huge eyesore in the Upstate is one step closer to being turned into a housing complex.

A single smokestack and a water tower stand tall over the city.

For generations, it was a place for a good job.

Now the Equinox Mill is filled to the brim with rubble.

One resident who lives near the mill says it has weighed heavy on the neighborhood for years.

“There’s definitely a need for something to be done with that area down there,” the resident said.

“As soon as they abandoned it, and demolished it, it’s been such a sore to this community,” she added.

Anderson County bought the property about three years ago.

County leaders say at first, they didn’t know what to do with it.

“As a result of that it kind of got run down, the area got run down, a lot of the mill houses are run down and abandoned in that area,” Anderson County’s Special Project Manager John Caime says.

However, soon that pile of rubble will turn to a multimillion-dollar housing district.

“This will reverse that and bring life and vitality back in these communities,” Caime said.

Caime said their hope is that it brings excitement to Anderson.

“Every little bit helps. As we get new development downtown, new development around the city, new development in the county, it all kind of builds,” Caime said. “This is just one piece of the puzzle of things that are happening here in Anderson.”

Caime says it’s the first mill restoration in Anderson County, and won’t be the last.

“Hopefully we’ll continue around town and we’ll see revitalization at the other textile mills here in town,” Caime said.

Before anything happens, the county says they do have to have another budget approval meeting but after that meeting, they say they can start the process of making the area prosperous once again.