ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Some court proceedings are being temporarily moved out of the Anderson County Courthouse.

Court proceedings were relocated Monday after an engineering company alerted the county about possible issues with its two main elevators.

“They said that they [elevators] would still operate, but there was a chance that there could be a four-foot drop, but it probably wouldn’t happen,” Rusty Burns, the county’s administrator, said. “But we’re not going to take that chance.”

According to Burns, probate court will remain at the county courthouse. Civil trials will be moved to the old, historic courthouse on Main Street. Criminal trials will be held at the county building on Pearman Dairy Road.

Other potential sites have been identified to be used, if needed.

Reena Thomason, the county’s clerk of court, said her office is working to notify everyone who will be impacted.

“That will either go through electronically to their attorney, or we’re mailing them out,” Thomason said. “We also will have people at the front door of the courthouse on the days of court with instructions of where to go should they need to go to a different location.”

Burns said they hope the elevators are fixed in four months.

Anyone with questions about where their court proceeding will be held should contact their attorney or the clerk of court.