ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – As a new school year approaches, every district in Anderson County is working to make sure teachers are paid more.

School leaders said there are several factors that go into the proposed pay increase.

Anderson District One Superintendent Robert Binnicker said Anderson County is growing, which means the demand is higher.

“We grew more than 500 students this year. That was an abnormally high growth for us,” Binnicker said.

Another factor is to give the county a competitive edge.

“We’re all competing for great teachers and salary is certainly a part of the equation of a teacher choosing a district,” Binnicker said.

Lastly, Kyle Newton with Anderson District Five said it will help combat the rising cost of living.

“What you’re seeing nationally is definitely impacting us locally and so that’s why you got to be competitive. We gotta raise salaries if we want to maintain the staffing levels and the good teachers we have, and also recruiting new ones,” Newton said.

The proposed salary increases for each district would mean every teacher would make at least $43,000 a year to start.

The highest starting salary would be $45,000 a year.

School leaders say the amount depends on the district.

Proposed teacher starting salaries:

  • District 1: $43,582
  • District 2: $44,230
  • District 3: $44,320
  • District 4: $45,000
  • District 5: $44,500

“I think everybody recognizes the need to pay your employees well,” Newton said. “I mean, when you think of education, you think of teachers.”

Each of the districts’ pay increase proposals will have to be approved by the Anderson County Board of Education.

That’s expected to pass in July.