ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The Anderson Fire Department on Tuesday announced the passing of Seargent Daniel Bagwell.

Sergeant Bagwell died “in a tragic accident yesterday (Monday) afternoon”, the department wrote in a release.

The Anderson County Coroner says Bagwell was on Midway Road near Stevens Court Monday when he was putting gas in his car and another vehicle hit him.

“That’s something that you just don’t expect. It’s very tragic,” Deputy Coroner Brent Simpson said.

“Daniel was a strong leader, solid firefighter, good friend, but most importantly a loving husband and father,” said Captain Travis Poore. “This will be hard for us all to move forward without him with the impression that he made on each person he was ever around.  Please continue to pray for both families, his brothers and his home family, as we move forward to try our best to honor him in the best way that we can.”  

Sergeant Bagwell worked for the Anderson Fire Department for 11 years and is survived by his wife, Tonya, and seven-month-old daughter, Madilynn.

Through the heartache, the fire community has already stepped up.

Firefighters at the Anderson Fire Department went to go be with Bagwell’s family today.

While they were gone, firefighters from other stations in the county were on standby.