ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The city of Anderson is putting a 20-year comprehensive plan together to make the city a better place, involving the community in the process.

“It’s really important that we engage as many people in the community as we can to make sure that the plan that ultimately comes out of this effort is successful,” Assistant City Manager Andrew Strickland said.

City leaders invited community members and business owners last week to participate in a vision workshop where they talked about the future of Anderson.

At the top of the list was walking trails.

“People want to be able to walk safely. They don’t want to have to drive everywhere. They want to have a nice trail system throughout town,” Strickland said.

Nicholas Taaffe, owner of Groucho’s Deli downtown Anderson, said he went to the workshop and would like to see an entertainment district in town.

“We’ve got a few breweries and coffee shops so it would be nice to see what else we can throw in the mix. Roller skating, bowling, any sort of activity would be a great addition,” Taaffe said.

However, he said he’s just glad the community gets a say.

“It’s great to be in an environment that’s involving people, actually pursuing input. Not just laying down the law saying they know best,” Taaffe said.

The city said they’re planning on having more community meetings in the coming weeks.

When the dates are decided for the next meetings, the city said they will be posted on their website.