ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)-The Anderson Regional Airport is one of the smaller airports in South Carolina, storing about 80 planes and 3 helicopters on sight, but they say they have some big plans in the near future.

The demand for airplane storage is growing in the Upstate, especially at the Anderson Regional Airport.

“We have a wait list of about 65 people who have called here and want to keep their plane here,” Airport Manager, Brett Garrison said.

Garrison says they want to grow, however, expansion projects cost a lot of money.

Garrison said, “There’s 16 t-hangers in that building, each one you put a plane in and that’s what we have a demand for. We can’t afford to do this on our own.”

However, because of the New Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Anderson Regional Airport is getting a $295,000 grant each year for 5 year, totaling $1.475 million.

“Everything we do will make our airport more desirable to people that have airplanes,” Garrison said.

They’re using this money to build more plane storage with new hangars and taxilines.

They will also reconstruct Taxiway A.

Garrison says this will make a huge difference for them long term.

Garrison said, “The taxiway is just kind of an upkeep, just like how you have to repave the roads, you have to repave our taxiways. But the hangars will definitely bring more customers here. The more planes you have based in an airport the more money you get from the grant money from the government.”

Other airports in the state like Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and Charleston International Airport will also receive some of this funding.