ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Thursday was the official opening of new affordable apartments and a community park in Anderson.

For years, the Friendship Court Apartments and the park beside it were known for being run down and unsafe.

“People are coming in now who were living in terrible conditions,” Councilmember Dr. Thompson said.

However, city and county administrators recognized the need for upgrades and decided to do something about it.

After lots of planning and remodeling, the city officially opened the newly renovated apartments and park.

“It’s very impressive of where it was and where it is today,” Anderson City Manager David McCuen said.

The apartments at Friendship Courts got brand new appliances, roofing, windows, air conditioning units, and safety features.

The park got a new multi-sport court, benches, outdoor exercise machines and a playground.

“This project makes a positive change that is very special for this area of the city,” McCuen said.

Sharlene Dean lives in one of the apartments and says this project has brought new life to the community.

“It will give us, as people in our community, more pride and give us more things to say like don’t throw your trash on our floor, don’t do this don’t do that because this is where we live and hopefully it will develop some more pride in the community,” said Dean.

The total cost of this project was $5.5 million. Anderson officials said it was funded by the company Related Affordable.

Officials said community members had a hand in designing some of the renovations.