PENDLETON, S.C. (WSPA)- It’s been over a week since Minnie, an elderly rescued chihuahua, was last seen by her owners.

“We can’t sleep, we can’t eat, we’re sick over trying to find our dog and all we keep getting is lies and brick walls,” said Nancy Lee, Minnie’s owner.

While Minnie was wandering into a neighbor’s yard, a driver passing by picked her up and called animal control, thinking Minnie had been lost. However, this kickstarted what Lee said is now a nightmare.

“Here we are 12 days into this now and we can’t find our dog,” said Lee.

The animal control officer that came to pick up Minnie originally said he gave Minnie to a foster home. Yet days later Lee called the officer, and after asking if he was who picked Minnie up, he explained the dog had escaped through a gate at the foster home.

“The dog wouldn’t survive two days outside on her own, she’s too old, she’s too feeble, we had to hold her up to use the bathroom,” said Andrea Moore, Minnie’s owner.

Pendleton police then launched an investigation and after using search dogs to track Minnie’s scent, GPS, and security footage, they determined the officer’s story did not add up. In fact, police said there was not even a gate at the home he claimed the dog was taken to.

After a second interview with the officer, he admitted to lying about the foster family, saying he thought the dog was stolen and was worried he would get in trouble for receiving a stolen dog.

“It wakes you up at 2 o’clock in the morning you know, you just wake up thinking our dog should be right there in her bed,” said Lee. “Her bed is still in the bedroom, just hoping against all hope maybe somebody picked her up.”

The officer has been fired by the town of Pendleton and now Minnie’s owners are pushing for action so this does not happen again. The Pendleton police department said they will be reviewing alongside the Anderson County magistrate’s office to see if there is probable cause to charge the officer.

If you have any information about this story or Minnie, the Pendleton Police Department asks that you reach out to them immediately. 

The town of Pendleton apologized for the officer’s actions and is also asking anyone with any information to reach out.