ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – Detectives at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office are working to put the pieces together after they said someone tried to set a house on fire twice last week.

The second attempt was successful, destroying the house and displacing a family of four.

Deputies said they were not inside the house at the time.

“At 5 something in the morning I went up to go to the bathroom, I saw lights flashing,” neighbor, Lori Waier said.

Waier said she didn’t know the family well, but is devastated someone would do this.

“Thats crazy, that somebody would set someone’s house on fire. Is someone mad at the family?” Waier said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said the arsonist tried to burn it down once earlier last week, they were not successful, so they said they came back the next morning.

Now they’re working to find a suspect.

“Part of the evidence that was found during the investigation was a glass bottle that appeared to have some kind of accelerant inside of it that was used to be thrown at the residents,” Detective David Elgin said.

Deputies believe they know what car the suspect was driving.

“It’s a red Honda Accord, possibly 2010 or newer. There was a witness that saw the car in the area of the neighborhood,” Elgin said.

Detectives said arson isn’t something you see too often in Anderson County, especially something so targeted.

“Imagine if this was your family, or your residents involved with the fire,” Elgin said.

Investigators said t’s crucial that whoever did it is held accountable.

“If you have any information that could be of any assistance during this investigation, please come forward,” said Elgin. “Any information, any little bit that you may have will help with the investigation. It doesn’t matter if you think you saw something, just call and let us know and we can follow up on that information.”

The sheriff’s office said they are working with the Anderson County Fire Department as the investigation continues.