GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- While some people might hear ‘Artisphere’ and think the festival isn’t meant for them, the artists said otherwise.

“Every part of our life is affected by art,” said Matthew Leckenbusch, Clemson Art’s creative director.

The annual festival is an opportunity for local artists to showcase their work, but also an opportunity for festival goers. Being able to see the creative process firsthand can inspire others to learn.

“Unless you go to the studio tours in town or visit their spaces, you don’t get to see them carving away, changing things,” said Shaun McCallum, artist.

McCallum said seeing how much work goes into pieces makes residents feel more connected and inclined to purchase. Many creatives said they’re happy because the festival has a reputation for turning others into artists as well, introducing people to a healthy hobby.

“When you stop focusing on everything out there and you start focusing on what’s right here, what you’re working on, it’s actually very healthy for us as humans and I think people are picking up on that,” said Mark Batory, Hollowed Earth Pottery.

This year’s festival brought in visitors from around the country of all ages.

“The crowd feels like they’ve come from further than I’ve ever remembered and I’ve got people from all over talking to me,” said McCollum. 

“When we clocked in this morning we had 500 kids come in the first hour of this today,” said Leckenbusch.

Just like the residents, the artists and their work are diverse as well.

“Being side by side with three really diverse mediums, it’s really cool to see three different flavors of art in progress as opposed to just the finished product,” said McCollum.

Artisphere will continue tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.