GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) – Two teenagers were hurt in a shooting late Wednesday afternoon at a Greenville County park.

According to Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis, the shooting happened near the Sterling Athletic Field on Valentine Street shortly before 6 p.m.

Sheriff Lewis said deputies arrived at the scene to find a teenager who had been shot at least once.

A second victim was also found at the hospital, deputies said.

The sheriff said one victim was seriously injured and was in surgery while the other was shot in the leg.

Lewis said high school students from various schools were at the park for much of the day for “senior skip day.”

At some point, Lewis said, gunshots rang out from multiple locations inside the park.

Some cars were also hit by gunfire.

“50 to 60 shots at least. I heard a lot of gunshots going off,” said Drako Holmes, a nearby witness. “We was just at the park having fun,” Holmes said. “Gunshots just rung out from where I don’t know. Gunshots just rung out and everybody just took off running,” Holmes said.

Sheriff Lewis said they believe there were multiple shooters.

“You congregate it’s this many people here on a Wednesday afternoon and somebody had a gun and when they pulled it out somebody else had a gun,” Lewis said. “Our shooters that were involved, we don’t know their ages. We don’t know if they were still in school,” he said. “It’s still an active investigation for us. Still looking for suspects and trying to gain that information,” Lewis said.

The sheriff’s office used a K-9 to track a possible suspect in the area but was unable to find any.

“I think when you talk about gun violence, it’s a huge issue nationwide and certainly one here that we take very serious,” Lewis said.

“This is going to be life-changing for a lot of folks today and I don’t think a lot of young people realize the repercussions that come with that,” he said.

Valentine Street has been closed while deputies investigate the shooting.

Lewis said anyone whose child was at the park and saw anything should call the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office at 864-271-5210

We will update this story as more information becomes available.