ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WSPA)- An Asheville resident said that they were hearing noises that sounded like an animal in pain, to their surprise the animal was actually in their own backyard.

Homeowner, Casey Vandergrift, spotted a bear’s den in a dense area in her backyard.

Vandergrift thought that the bear may be injured, so she began to reach out for help and was referred to Help Asheville Bears.

Help Asheville Bears founder, Jody Williams, made a trip to investigate and assess the circumstances.

After arriving, Williams saw the bear from a distance and said the bear is possibly a female who is making the den in preparation for the winter and may have cubs in January.

Help Asheville Bears said the following statement:

Homeowner Casey Vandergrift did such an amazing job in peacefully coexisting with her brand new “neighbor” and she is letting the bear stay and keep her cozy little home in Casey’s yard. We want to thank Casey for wanting to do what’s best for the bear andThank you to Casey and all of you bear protectors out there for caring for our precious bears and wildlife!

We will continue to monitor this beautiful bear and share any updates as they develop moving forward.

Help Asheville Bears