GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Troopers with the South Carolina Highway Patrol are investigating a hit-and-run that left a bicyclist injured Sunday night.

Troopers said the collision happened on North Nelson Drive near Southchase Boulevard in Greenville County around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night.

“The bicyclist did not have any lights or reflective clothing on. Obviously at that time it was dark and was then struck,” said Master Trooper Mitchell Ridgeway, with SC Highway Patrol.

Corporal Joe Hovis said an unknown vehicle was traveling north on N. Nelson Dr. when they struck a bicyclist before leaving the scene. The vehicle may have damage to the front end.

“They were in the road. They were in that lane of travel–traveling north on North Nelson Drive. It was a male subject, who is still living. 54 years of age from Simpsonville, SC,” Ridgeway said.

The bicyclist sustained “major injuries,” troopers said.

“The supervisor at the time, determined that the injuries that he sustained were great bodily injury. I don’t believe it’s life threatening injuries, but I do believe it is something that could affect him for the rest of his life, once he does recover,” Ridgeway said. “It sounds like he’s not going to pass. You know, he’ll make a full recovery, but because of those type of injuries, that’s the charge we would make, if we were to catch this person, since they left the scene,” he said. “If we were able to find this person, we’d charge them with leaving the scene of an accident–causing great bodily injury.”

Ridgeway has this advice for those who ride bikes at night.

“I would try to pick the safest area possible, where you can be seen, and in a time a day where you can be seen. It’s not preferred to ride at night on a bicycle, and if you do have to ride at night on a bicycle, make sure you’re wearing reflective clothing. Make sure there’s some type of strobe or some type of light on your bicycle, to where motorists can see while you’re going down the roadway,” Ridgeway said. “Especially if you’re in dark clothing and it’s night time and it’s not a well lit area. A motorist is not going to see you until they’re basically right up on top of you,” he said.

Ridgeway said the person who hit the victim was driving a “sedan”.

“I spoke to the supervisor on scene, and he said it was possibly, and I’ll stress this–it’s possibly a white sedan with front end damage, like a smaller sedan, but we don’t know that for certain as far as the color,” Ridgeway said. “It won’t be real heavy damage. It would be something kind of similar to maybe striking a deer, but maybe not even be that bad,” he said. “Like I said, we have limited information, but any help would be appreciated.

Anyone with information is asked to call highway patrol at Carolina Highway Patrol at 864-241-1000 or 1-800-768-1501. They can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME SC (274-6372).