SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — On Tuesday, state and local leaders revealed a new bitcoin data mining center in Spartanburg County.

“This is the future, so digital assets are going to be a part of our lives going forward and it’s great that we’re on the leading edge,” said U.S. Representative William Timmons.

Congressman Timmons, South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, and leaders with BV Power cut the ribbon on a new data center facility.

“We can’t be more happy that you all have chosen us to invest and chosen to invest in South Carolina,” said Loftis.

Leaders said each box at the facility holds more than 600 servers, which are mining bitcoin.

“This is critical infrastructure for an open financial system that the whole world can use, so we have this critical infrastructure here and it’s a great place to do business,” said Monty Stahl, the COO for Merkle Standard.

The facility is a more than $35 million investment in the county.

“From getting permits to construction to access to competitive labor force, all the right ingredients are here in Spartanburg county,” said Stahl.

Congressman Timmons believes this site shows South Carolina is open for business and industries like this one.

“Our businesses take advantage of favorable laws and regulations, and we value people that invest in the community and that shows,” said Timmons.

As digital assets like bitcoin become more widely used, he said this is a step towards the future.

“Bitcoin’s still chugging along and it is going to be used as a means of commerce for the rest of our lives and it’s just great that they’ve chosen to invest here,” said Timmons.

Congressman Timmons also said the data center facility has created about two dozen jobs, so far, and said that number is expected to grow.

He also said he’s working as a part of the financial services committee in Congress to help regulate digital assets, like bitcoin, on a federal level.