LAKE KEOWEE, S.C. (WSPA) – Blue signs are being posted along Lake Keowee’s docks as reference points, according to the Friends of Lake Keowee Society (FOLKS). FOLKS said they will be used if anyone needs emergency services on the lake. The organization is working with Pickens and Oconee Counties as well as Duke Energy to complete this project.

“A lot of the places on the lake don’t have cell reception where you can pinpoint where you are,” said Dale Wilde, the president of FOLKS. “By having these signs on docks, it’s easier for emergency services to locate which county you’re in and which lake you’re in.”

Blue Sign at Lake Keowee (Credit: Dale Wilde)
Blue Sign at Lake Keowee (Credit: Dale Wilde)

The following is a key, posted by FOLKS, for the signs:

  • P – Pickens County
  • O – Oconee County
  • K – Lake Keowee
  • # – a reference to a location for EMS responses

Signs will be posted along the lake in Pickens and Oconee Counties. Wilde said it is expected to take about a year to place signs around the entire lake.

The project is a few years in the making. Wilde said after a person drowned in the lake, local resident Lesia Monfre pointed out that people on the lake needed to be able to identify where they were in case of emergencies.

“We had a fire here about a year and a half ago,” explained Wilde. “It went to the Oconee Fire Department, and the fire was in Pickens. It took them 20 minutes to figure out where they were on the lake to get the right services in place.”

Signs will also be placed at Lake Jocassee.

Wilde said she hopes the signs will make the lakes safer for everyone.

“This is not just a [Lake] Keowee issue,” said Wilde. “It’s a Jocassee issue. It’s a Murray issue. It’s a Hartwell issue.”