GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – As technology continues to evolve, BMW in Spartanburg County unveiled a new, cutting-edge training facility to keep up with the trends.

BMW took a step into the future of technology on Friday with the opening of their new $20-million training facility.

For 30 years, the multi-billion dollar facility has called Spartanburg County home.

“They’ve invested billions of dollars into our people,” said Gov. Henry McMaster, (R) South Carolina.

Friday morning, dozens of people gathered for the company’s next step in advancing the workforce.

“When we walked in we said we don’t want just a training facility. We want a learning environment,” said Paul Sinanian, BMW manager of Talent Programs and Training.

The new 68,000 training facility is located on the BMW campus in Greer.

“We had a great team working together and we actually built the building. We have 40 dedicated work spaces in this building from innovation to augmented reality to welding to all of the robotics and all of the other, not just technical training, but leadership and professional development training and quality training,” said Sinanian.

The space is focused on the future of manufacturing. Which is something Gov. McMaster said is a leading economic driver for the state.

“Our future and the strength of our state is based on economic growth, the environment and education,” said McMaster. “This facility, this expansion today vividly demonstrates the combination of all of those.”

A spokesperson said the company is centering their efforts on the future careers of the next generation of talent.

“We want you to be inspired. We want this to be a learning environment and we want you to have fun. You can still have fun at work and this is a great culture. We want this to expand that culture and bring in young talent,” said Sinanian.

While the facility is focused on growth, company employees said it’s a small part of their long-term plan- the plan to expand their family.

“It’s not just come to BMW and work here. It’s come to BMW and feel like you are apart of our family,” said Sinanian.

The new facility is apart of the future of the automotive industry and BMW said their goal is to keep evolving.

A spokesperson said the previous training facility, located across the street from the new one, will still be used within the company.