INMAN, S.C. (WSPA)- Summer officially starts Tuesday, but lakes across the Carolinas have been packed with boats and jet skis for weeks.

Lake Bowen is the biggest lake in Spartanburg County, but it’s not a big lake compared to most others and with that comes some dangers in the water and on the boat.

The Lake Warden’s Office wants boaters to treat the water as a highway, warning them to watch their speed and be cautious of their surroundings.

Lake Bowen is also a drinking water reservoir and keeping it clean is a huge priority for Spartanburg Water.

Officials said to make sure that whatever you take with you on the water comes back with you.

That goes for anything from trash to fishing line.

Also, if you take your boat from lake to lake, make sure you wash it to keep out “aquatic hitchhikers.”

Spartanburg Water Communications Manager Jennifer Candler said that means that “plants that may not be native to one waterway can get brought to a different waterway.”

If you haven’t taken your boat out yet, it’s also important to do a test ride to make sure everything is in working order.