BOILING SPRINGS, S.C. (WSPA) – People in Boiling Springs are cleaning up damage and debris after storms Tuesday night.

“Disasters like this almost always precede a blessing, so I try to look at it that way,” said Barbaranne Meyer, who had several trees fall in her yard during the storms.

The storm and strong winds brought down powerlines and trees across the area.

“Over there is about a 100-to-120-foot pine tree that fell and it looks like it just got picked up and sat down on top of the fence and took about four, five trees with it,” said Meyer.

Meyer said she was able to get a better look at the damage near her home on in the daylight Wednesday.
Large limbs split off from trees in her front yard and in the backyard, there’s now a pile of broken trees, branches and debris.

“What I’m worried about is when the trees came, the ones that are still standing, I’m worried about them being compromised in the next big storm,” said Meyer.

As she waits for insurance to help clean up the mess, Meyer said she’s thankful to be safe.

“Things can be repaired, things can be cleaned up, things can be patched up, but people can’t,” said Meyer.

Just down Highway 9 on Lister Court, a tree fell on Joseph Wilkins’ home Tuesday evening, while he and his family were inside.

“My son was in the bedroom, my other grandson was in the living room, but I think he ran to the bathroom,” said Wilkin.s

Crews worked into the night to clear branches and the home is now covered by a tarp. Wilkins said he was grateful no one was hurt inside the home.

“Everybody is doing good, to God be the glory,” said Wilkins.

Leaders at the Red Cross said they’re assisting the Wilkins family, providing things like shelter, food, and other resources.