SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- Every fall, Upstate residents pour into Spartanburg’s Morgan Square to eat, dance and try local breweries’ newest drinks.

“Events like this are what brings the community together in the city and it’s really just a breath of fresh air to come out here and hang out,” said Hunter Frye, Upstate resident.

The breweries participating said the festival enables them to showcase their work to a new crowd. For people like Will Lawrence, it comes at a perfect time.

“It’s really great because we just opened our brand new brewery in downtown Inman and we just started selling beer last night and we were packed so we’re excited to be open today and to send people from this festival to the brewery,” said Will Lawrence, Sales Director at Holliday Brewing.

Brewers like Fritz Wirt, who traveled from Asheville and has dedicated 15 years to the industry, couldn’t believe the enthusiasm.

“I think beer festivals have kind of become more a thing of the past but to see a turnout like this is kind of indicative of how strong craft beer still is in this day and age so it’s awesome to see the community come out and support something like this,” said Fritz Wirt, Highland Brewing.

Aside from beer, food trucks were cooking alongside games and live music. Each year after the event is over, all proceeds go towards the Coalition for Active Youth, a nonprofit in Spartanburg that helps build and improve the area’s skate and bike parks for kids. Seeing the growth of Spartanburg and the way more can be contributed to causes like that is what’s promising to many of the festival goers.

“It’s definitely a selfless act because the community of Spartanburg is definitely growing especially in the last 2 to 3 years and I think it’s good to be able to see what all is to come in the next few years,” said Isaiah Casson, Upstate Sound Works.