TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) – A campground at Gorges State Park will be closed for the next two weeks while wildlife officials work to discourage bears from entering the area.

The closure comes after a bear entered the campground earlier this week and ripped the side off of a camper, according to North Carolina State Parks and Recreation.

Visitors and the bear are okay, the state said, but the park will be closed for the next two weeks while park staff implement bear aversion tactics.

The park will remain open for day-to-day use, but visitors are advised to use caution when visiting Gorges State Park or any other natural area in bear country.

Here are some tips for how to protect yourself if you go out:

Be aware: try to make noise periodically, and don’t use earbuds. (The bear more than likely hates your taste in music and podcasts anyway.)

Don’t hike alone. If possible, take someone with you.

Always keep pets on a leash or leave them at home.

Pack out or dispose of all food and trash.

If you encounter a bear, back away slowly and quietly in the opposite direction. Do not approach it or try to give it food.