DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Fighting fires is an already dangerous job but the Duncan Fire Department said something that can be just as dangerous is drivers.

“This is becoming a more frequent thing for us so we would like to get that message out there to slow down, pay attention, get off the cellphone,” said Captain Josh Hannigan, Duncan Fire Department.

Early Sunday morning, around 1 a.m. the Duncan Fire Department’s engine 81 was hit on Interstate 85 while they were responding to an accident. While all first responders on scene were safe, the driver of the vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Captain Josh Hannigan said now more than ever people need to be aware of a South Carolina law.

“In 2002 the state passed a law that’s actually the ‘slow down move over’ law so it is mandated  for fire personnel, law enforcement, tow truck drivers, EMS, anyone that has to put themselves in the roadway to operate to help the well-being and safety of others, they ask you move over and slow down,” said Captain Hannigan.

Sunday morning’s incident is why more than one crew responds to this specific spot on interstate 85. It’s for something they call a block.

“The initial truck will actually stage out to provide an initial block and those other units come in, they stagger back, stage back in case an incident comes, you know, we put those safety barriers in there before hopefully it gets to the incident where responders are working,” said Captain Hannigan.

The Duncan Fire Department said they hope drivers will slow down and move over, but also pay attention.

“We just see that cellphone a lot up in that window when they ride by, so we just ask that you stay off the phone,” said Captain Hannigan. “The views or whatever are not worth it for the life of another one, so we just ask that you stay off that, slow down, move over, pay attention.”