BREVARD, N.C. (WSPA) – It’s been a little over ten years since Brevard, North Carolina’s first microbrewery opened. 

It’s Brevard Brewing, a taproom that keeps choices simple, with a solid core of five beers plus a current seasonal brew. 

Right now, that’s their Oktoberfest German-style Marzen.

Owner Kyle Williams makes sure the German-style beers are true to form.

“For our German beers, the malt comes from Germany, the hops come from Germany and the Czech Republic. The lager yeast is a German strain, so we keep it authentic.”

The relatively small group of core beers is intentional; concentrating on the quality of a particular style.

“I had the idea to open a brewery that specializes in lagers, which not many people do. They’re harder to make, they take longer. To my knowledge, we’re still the only brewery in western North Carolina that focuses on lagers.” 

”It was amazing the first day we opened the response we got. I remember it like it was yesterday.” 

Their Bohemian-style Pilsner is their best seller, and not just in the taproom. 

Their canning line packages, some of the beer distributed throughout western North Carolina, end up at stores and restaurants. Something Kyle is very proud of.

”Every restaurant you go into in Brevard, you’re going to find our beer.” 

They’ve got you covered with Halloween plans: Brevard’s HalloweenFest takes place right outside their front door on Oct. 29.

“There’s a costume parade and a costume contest, there are vendors in the streets, and of course, the taproom is really busy pretty much all day long.” 

Brevard Brewing is also helping to protect what’s outside that front door, with regular donations to Conserving Carolina: protecting the areas that make the southern mountains and foothills beautiful. 

On the side, they’re donating their spent grain as feed for a local cattle farmer.

”From day one it kind of took off and we’ve been growing ever since.” 

Enjoy responsibly.