GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – Across Maxwell Avenue from Greenwood’s Uptown Market is a brewery that started in the back of a pizza restaurant: Good Times Brewing

Owner Gianpaolo Bonaca has been there from the start.

”We opened the brick-oven pizza place in 2010. In 2014 we decided to put a small, three-barrel microbrew system in the back of the pizza place. By 2016 we realized we were starting to get some traction with that so we decided to purchase the building next door. We opened that brewery in 2018, just the facility that you see here behind me, and then in 2020 we opened the rest of the establishment.” 

There are two levels of “good times”.

The first level is downstairs with the brewhouse and the main serving facility.

There’s also an upstairs level that serves as an event space.

”Of course, the idea for this space is to be flexible, whether it’s for rehearsal dinner, a wedding event, whatever it may be…a beer dinner, we can kinda sorta change on a dime.” 

The main attraction comes from the brewing tanks. 

”Our brewmaster John Michael is very fond of lagers, pilsners, more classic styles.”  

They have 16 taps: one for water, two for other local beers or ciders, and the rest is all Good Times. 

These usually include five core beers, with others rotating through on a seasonal schedule. 

They also have a university collaboration called Bearcat Brew. 

”We do have an ongoing project; we work with Lander University and their biology department.  We produce a beer from them yearly that the biology class helps develop the recipe.” 

”They’ve done various different studies on yeast viability, yeast reproduction, also off flavors on stressed yeast, various things that would apply to the classroom.” 

”We like to try to keep it diverse, we like to challenge ourselves from time to time.” 

That diversity includes Just Beet It, a lager made with beets and potatoes. 

Brewing isn’t the only art on display. 

”Actually, we work with the curator at the Arts Center and three to four times a year we want to cycle out, again, trying to pay attention to the local art.” 

They’ve supported other causes, including hosting adoption events for the Greenwood Humane Society

”Any chance we can get to do something with the community where we can promote business and we can help out a local charity, we like to keep it local, we jump on it.” 

Having “good times” has a deeper meaning here. 

”When you’re in a ditch and you’re getting rained on, you’re trying to repair something, it’s just like: good times.” 

“And that’s kind of what the name is a nod to is the struggles that we all go through. At the end, we deserve some good times.” 

Enjoy responsibly.